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Happy 2 year Workiversary to Dec!

Happy 2 year Workiversary to Dec!

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Work anniversaries are milestones worth celebrating, marking another year of dedication, growth, and contributions to our team! It’s a time to reflect on achievements, honour hard work, and acknowledge the invaluable presence of our colleagues. Here’s to recognising the commitment and passion that our team members bring to the table every day.

We sat down with Dec on his 2 year anniversary and asked a few questions about his time with us at 21 Degrees Digital! 

Happy 2 year Workiversary to Dec!

What has been your favourite thing about working at 21 Degrees Digital over the last 2 years?

Getting to know the team more and just generally working with everyone. It’s a really nice environment to be in, everyone is very supportive and usually great vibes in the office.

What is your biggest win so far?

Getting good returns on one of my accounts, The Smile Bar!

I’ve also become much better at design/visual stuff. When I started, I was rubbish at creating good looking assets, but I have a way better understanding of how to get something good these days, this is part of the reason the Smile Bar account has gone well.             

What are you hoping to achieve within the next year?

I’d love to sign a new client, and be the main dirving force in the reason the sale went through. Whether that be an upsell, or a brand new lead.

Any special shoutouts to team members?

Where to start!?

Head of PPC and my manager, James for being an exceptional manager. Great knowledge on Marketing, good way of giving feedback, and top notch people skills. A class act all round.

The Account Management team, for being great vibe radiators, and Collette for bringing fresh ideas and perspective to the team (and her lack of cynicism towards PPC).

Favourite moment with the team over the last year?

The full 21 Degrees Digital team coming to my bands gig. Everyone was really nice and it was lovely to feel supported by 21.

“I couldn’t ask for anyone better to work with that Dec. He’s easy to get along with, great fun and has become a peerless PPC professional. His transformation from apprentice to account manager, and his confidence with it, has been a joy to watch. I look forward to watching his growth moving forward.” – James, Head of PPC and Dec’s manager.

“The transformation of Dec is nothing short of outstanding. He’s always been confident, we noticed that from the first interview, but you could tell that he wasn’t comfortable in an office environment. Now he’s not only confident, he is comfortable and tearing down barriers that he previously thought unsurmountable. All the directors at 21 are delighted with Dec’s journey and honoured that he’s chosen to stay around at 21 Degrees long enough to make this the longest he’s been in any job.” – Rory, Managing Director

Happy 2 year Workiversary to Dec!
Happy 2 year Workiversary to Dec!
Happy 2 year Workiversary to Dec!

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