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My Time at 21 Degrees Digital

My Time at 21 Degrees Digital

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In April, I started a week’s work experience at 21 Degrees Digital. My name is James, a student in Leeds who wanted to get a better understanding of what it’s like working in the industry and learn from industry professionals. I was nervous coming into my first day, as one often can be with these kind of things, but seeing the football being kicked around the office, the shared banter between the team and the prospect of a weekly Friday game, which was to be decided by whomever’s name gets picked from a spinning wheel, told me I wasn’t among the kind of people you’d need not to be nervous around.

Though the videography team are all very experienced, each of them with their own unique stories of coming into the industry and styles of videography, I never felt like I was being spoken down to, dragged along. I always felt a part of the team, which was especially gratifying when midway through the week myself, Kyle, Dee and Felix went on a shoot.

During this shoot, I was tasked with creating a BTS video for the company’s social media. It was an interesting video to edit; you could see that as I watched the crew work, learning from the kinetic way in which they shoot video, I began using these skills and techniques in my own filming of them. In some ways, editing these BTS clips showed me how much I’d learnt and taken on in just a day of filming, how I’d gone from framing shots simply to following contours, revealing subjects and transitioning in all of three hours.

If ever I was running into trouble, had any issues, there would always be someone there to give advice and help me out. When editing for example, Josh came over and ran me through why I was having issues with certain clips, the basics of framerate, videoplayback and formats. From that talk alone, I’d learnt such a useful skill and piece of knowledge, one that I’d be able to use in future college, university and videography projects.

As I finish up my week, and wonder what I’ll order from Nando’s when we go for a staff meal, I’m happy to say that I’m leaving with skills I hadn’t heard of from college, a passion for the industry and tips on what’s next from Kyle, who, as well as everyone else in the office, I’ve got to thank for the opportunity and who’s been such a great guide and mentor over this past week.

My Time at 21 Degrees Digital

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