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My University Placement at 21 Degrees – Fraser Whur

My University Placement at 21 Degrees – Fraser Whur

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21 Degrees Digital is as much a place of work, as it is a place to feel part of a team. For a University module, I did 5 weeks of placement as a Junior Videographer starting in April. Not to big them up too much, but I can genuinely say that I felt so welcome and included from the first day I arrived at the office.

Experiencing the wide range of client shoots I joined the videography team on was really insightful into what being in the industry is really like. Without a doubt, I learnt from each of the guys. Josh, Felix and Dee didn’t gate keep any information, they truthfully told me what it was like to live in the world of freelance, which I appreciated a lot more than they probably realized. I was curious and they gave me nothing but honesty. The advice they gave has already affected how I work, spend my free time, and look at my future aspirations and goals.

Even outside the videography team, the company as a whole has great culture. Just being in that environment, really showed me what kind of people I’d want to work alongside. I can say nothing but good things.

The definitive highlight was getting to use some professional industry grade equipment. I had no idea what I was doing with anything initially, but the entire team helped, keeping me in the loop and making sure I was never too far out of my depth.

Overall, I’ve learnt more from the group of people at 21 Degrees than pretty much anyone else in the media industry. So much for not bigging them up too much.

Massive thanks to everyone again!

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