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Our Ultimate Office Playlist

Our Ultimate Office Playlist

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It is scientifically proven that listening to music can improve your mood, productivity, and focus, so we take the role of designed DJ for the day very seriously! The ambience of the office each day can rely on the music that we listen to but pleasing everyone can sometimes be difficult considering music taste is very personal.

Being in an office that is playing music 24/7 has widened all our music tastes, and I personally have discovered some new artists that I now consider my favourite people to listen to.

Playing music in the office isn’t always a walk in the park, each day is different and it’s hard not to become repetitive. So it’s important to throw in a wide range of music, not just your personal favourite. Although, we’re very fortunate at 21 Degrees as we all have a similar music tastes and everyone gets to hear something they like each day!

I usually arrive at the office first, listening to some cheesy musical that I know no one else will appreciate so I selflessly hand the music over to whoever arrives in the office next.

Our favourite genres:

  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Indie
  • Rock
  • Disco
  • Grime
  • Jazz
Our Ultimate Office Playlist
Our Ultimate Office Playlist

Each of us has our own taste in music so it’s really refreshing to hear different genres every day. Molly and Demonét typically listen to R&B and Hip Hop, whilst Alex provides the jazz and techno. Chris’ music taste is unpredictable, but there are always some bangers in there.

Our top artists are:

  • Frank Ocean
  • SZA
  • Elder Island
  • Tom Misch

Our music throughout the week varies, but it mostly depends on the mood of the office. If we’re all doing some hard-core typing, we typically have something more instrumental and chill rather than upbeat and heavy, as we’re all guilty of trying to type to the beat of the song (and failing).

But when Friday comes around, we play a lot of techno and house, especially if it’s sunny too.

I’ve asked everyone in the office for their favourite songs for the office, and I’ve made our very own 21 Degrees Digital Playlist, we hope you enjoy!

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