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Team Spotlight Series: Meet Kyle!

Team Spotlight Series: Meet Kyle!

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At 21 Degrees Digital, our team comprises a dynamic blend of creative talents and marketing enthusiasts, deeply devoted to the world of digital marketing. Allow us to introduce you to our exceptional team members through our ‘Team Spotlight Series’. Today, we get up close and personal with our brilliant Director of Operations, Kyle Findley!

Team Spotlight Series: Meet Kyle!

What is your role at 21 Degrees Digital and what does your day-to-day look like?

I am a Co-Founder and Director of Operations at 21 Degrees Digital.

My day-to-day is full of operational business duties! I also head up the Videography department and look after all HR operations. I spend a lot of time out on shoots, and creating amazing content with the Videography & Design teams.

What is your favourite tool you use at work and why?

Trello! It’s simple, user-friendly and easily adaptable for every use. 

What inspired you to start 21 Degrees Digital?

The journey to founding 21 Degrees Digital was inspired by a desire to transition from the student-focussed event scene to the broader, more challenging, corporate sector. My background in Event Management, coupled with a realisation that my potential extended beyond mere planning and marketing was the initial spark. This ambition was further fuelled by my partnership with Zac; with over 6 years of collaboration across events & social media during his time in Newcastle, we were able to share a deep professional synergy. Zac, having garnered substantial experience in an events and social media company, was keen on relocating to Leeds for a fresh business endeavour. It was clear that our combined expertise, network, and vision were the perfect ingredients for launching a marketing agency. 

Our collaboration was not just about leveraging our skills in event marketing and social media or tapping into our rich talent pool of creatives and marketers. At its core, 21 Degrees Digital was envisioned as a catalyst for change within the UK advertising industry, which starkly lacks diversity, with less than 6% representation from the BAME community. We were determined to alter this narrative by creating a platform where diversity is not just celebrated but is central to our operational ethos. We aimed to build an agency that mirrors the rich tapestry of society, believing that a diverse workforce would bring innovative perspectives and creativity to the forefront, thus enabling us to deliver unparalleled marketing solutions to our clients. In essence, 21 Degrees Digital was born out of a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, setting us on a path to redefine the boundaries of traditional marketing agencies. 

What has been your biggest win?

Growing the business to 10+ members of staff.

Do you prefer filming or editing and why?

I prefer filming and bring clients ideas or our strategies to life.

What did you do before you founded 21 Degrees Digital?

Organising over 200 student club events a year in Leeds.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Kickboxing, I have been training & competing at a national level for 24 years now.

If you had to put one song on repeat in the office, what would it be?

Alicia Keys – If I ain’t got you

Share a meme or GIF that represents your typical workday or mood at the office:

Team Spotlight Series: Meet Kyle!

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