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Team Spotlight Series: Meet Rory!

Team Spotlight Series: Meet Rory!

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At 21 Degrees Digital, our team comprises a dynamic blend of creative talents and marketing enthusiasts, deeply devoted to the world of digital marketing. Allow us to introduce you to our exceptional team members through our ‘Team Spotlight Series’. Today, we get up close and personal with our Managing Director, Rory Mason!

Team Spotlight Series: Meet Rory!

What is your role at 21 Degrees Digital and what does your day-to-day look like?

I am the Managing Director of 21 Degrees Digital. My day-to-day varies massively! No two days are the same, but its always about setting the right priorities and juggling everything that needs juggling.

What is your favourite tool you use at work and why?

SEM Rush because it can really give the cornerstone marketing data and work as a starting place for understanding the digital footprint of any client.

What inspired you to start 21 Degrees Digital?

Since we merged with my company Ground Up Digital and it was Zac and Kyle that attracted me to 21. They are great.

What has been your biggest win?

Moving forward into our third year since the merger. So many companies don’t make it this far, yet we’re thriving. We also won an award at BizX for ‘Best Marketing Campaign’, that’s definitely up there!

What are the most important on-page SEO elements to consider when writing a blog post?

How the blog post reads, its very difficult to get a single blog post ranking for any keyword, but providing incredible content that the user will read, digest the information, share and return again to days later is by far the most important thing to consider. If its not readable, don’t write it.

What did you do before you joined the team at 21 Degrees?

Check my LinkedIn profile… I’ve done a lot.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Lego, spending time with the kids, cooking, investing.

If you had to put one song on repeat in the office, what would it be?

100% Endurance by Yard Act

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