Made in 2 Months:

Following Covid-19 we were contacted by The Apartment Group to help them maximise the outside space of one of their venue’s. The concept was Beach Box… Bringing all the wonderful elements of the beach to the city centre including sand pits, deck chairs and local food vendors.

Our task was to help market this from its creation through social media channels to generate brand awareness and venue footfall.


within 2 months

Having been unfamiliar with 21 Degrees Digitals services, we were sceptical about entrusting a company to do our social media marketing for us. However it was possibly one of the best decisions we made throughout the project. The team were efficient, responsive and above all they generated the results promised. As a result of this we have brought them in to over see numerous social media accounts for our various sites across the North East

Donna Cope

Operations Manager

The Apartment Group

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