Every Body Can is a new campaign from Leeds City Council and partners, that offers free weight loss advice and courses aimed to help motivate people to lose weight.

The key demographic Every Body Can wanted to reach was men from disadvantaged backgrounds, but the campaign also had to appeal to both men and women of all ages. Getting this right in terms of branding was the
most challenging part of the project.

The brand mark was crafted to imply motion without coming across as being too sports focused. It highlights ‘body’ with its varying size to convey that the programme is meant for not just everyone, but also every ‘body’, of all shapes and sizes. The colours are both energetic and calming to reflect this.

The main goal was to communicate fun and having a sense of community. If the campaign had come across as too serious, boring, or athlete focussed, this demographic would most likley be put off and therefore be unlikely to sign up.

The colours play an equal role in ensuring the brand is targeted at the right demographic. Nowadays gender colours are less stigmatised, however they do still play a role in whether we perceive a brand, artwork or product as gender focused.

We chose these set of colours with the purpose of being gender neutral, but angled slightly towards the male audience. The beige adds a human element with the programme being about every ‘body’, with the neon yellow to inject energy when needed.


Weightloss is already a sensitive subject, but with many cases, weight gain is the result of another issue such as poor mental health, poverty, stress or an underlying health condition.

Therefore, it was paramount that we didn’t offend anyone and that we ensured each image, artwork and text was inclusive and socially sensitive. By doing so, this encouraged healthy lifestyle choices rather than just weightloss.



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