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Content marketing is a fantastic way of building trust with potential customers and nurturing existing relationships. Your content can inform, inspire or instruct, educate, explain or entertain. The important thing is that it adds value and engages your target audience.

At 21 Degrees, we help you build a content strategy, then we create, collate and curate content that is relevant to your audience. Most importantly, we get your content in front of the right people.



Not everyone has the resources to create large volumes of content. We help you get started by working with you on a simple but effective strategy and creating content that can be repurposed to maximise reach.


From writing a monthly blog to producing weekly videos and automating your email campaigns, we can take care of all your content planning, creation and promotion. By providing your audience with value-adding content, we maximise your results and help you build credibility and customer loyalty.


Need us to create additional content during seasonal periods? Want us to get your content in front of a wider audience through social media or email? We work with your in-house teams to meet your objectives.

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At 21 Degrees, we think strong relationships are at the foundation of any great business. Content marketing is a fantastic way of building these relationships, and we can help you create a strategy that works.

The first stage is understanding who you want to attract – who are your ideal clients or customers? Next, we design and create value-adding content aimed at this audience – brilliant blogs, vibrant videos, engaging email, inspiring images, fabulous Facebook posts. Once we’ve created the content, we make sure it reaches the right people by sharing it in the right places.

Whether you need support with a particular campaign or want us to take care of every aspect of your digital marketing, we’d love to help. Your dedicated account manager will co-ordinate your content creation and meet with you regularly to ensure you get the results you want.

For a content strategy designed to generate results, contact our friendly consultants.

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