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CBD Therapy UK is a natural remedy brand that specialises in, you guessed it, CBD products. CBD is one of the fastest grow­ing and most popular natural remedies used for common ailments on the market.

In this rapidly expanding industry CBD Therapy UK wanted to establish themselves and make an impact upon landing with their own product, with modern, refreshing packaging, brand and social media presence with the help of 21 Degrees Digital.

Branding &


Slick, clean cut and fashionable. With no space for clutter the customer's attention is pointed exactly where it needs to be. From a breadth of inspiration, we were able to incor­porate not only a striking, regal colour scheme but draw from Greek mythology and organic chemistry to create this refined design and packaging to illustrate the brand's bold identity setting them apart from major competitors.

Re-Brand &

Logo Design

We curated each and every one of CBD Therapy UK's social media posts and digital graphics to create the perfect blend or individuality, originality and coherence throughout their socials and design. With the branding front and centre, the graphics created were designed with the correct specifications in mind, so nothing was left out in the margins.

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