LS6 Cafe &

Bar Relaunch

After their new and improved renovations LS6 wanted to reach out to the young professional demographic to showcase their new menu’s alongside the work they had been doing internally within the bar & restaurant. Having previously struggled to reach out to their desired market due to their location and lack of exposure in this field, we were asked to create an event which would allow them to achieve this.

The Approach

Combining a use of bespoke print, email and digital marketing techniques our team effectively implemented a marketing campaign which focused on inviting young professionals and local businesses to the venue to experience all the amazing features they had on offer. There isn’t a lot that great food, drinks, music and company can’t solve! While making sure our events team were on hand to assist with data capture during the event alongside managing the event on behalf of LS6 so as to build their ability to keep in contact with their new customers in a fun and exciting way.

The Outcome

LS6 saw a surge in return custom from those who attended alongside new customers through the response to everything showcased on the evening. Their evening trade soared by over 60% in the weeks and months following. Resulting in our marketing team being contracted to work with LS6 and its Urbane Group owners on a retainer basis post event and into the present day.

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