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BAM Construction – The Heart of Sheffield City

BAM Construction – The Heart of Sheffield City

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We had the exciting opportunity to work with BAM Construction UK as they built Heart of the City, Sheffield’s key regeneration project. Our goal was to produce a case study video that showcased BAM’s work for future client. We also wanted to highlight what the project would be bringing to the city and how it will improve the lives of those in Sheffield.

The project has enhanced local lives through providing offices, hospitality, living spaces, leisure spaces, and cultural event spaces. The construction of Heart of the City alone provided 80 people with employment and gave over 40 young people work experience.

Capturing the beauty of the site as well as the dedication from the employees at BAM was integral for us. We were so humbled to be welcomed onto the site for a sneak-peak before construction was complete.

Demonét and Jordan were our lead videographers for this project. They both filmed ground shots as well as interviewing members of the BAM team to find out more about the crucial work they were doing for Sheffield. Through these interviews Demonét and Jordan found that BAM was passionate about giving back to Sheffield’s community by only employing local people. We focused on shooting the new HSBC building, as this new site is an opportunity to encourage other headquarters and flagships to open spaces in the North. BAM wanted to push their ethos of rebuilding the North, as many areas have gone unrecognised for years. Helping local businesses, especially within the North, is something we are passionate about at 21 Degrees Digital, which is why we felt so strongly about this project.

We choose to produce the video through an array of wide shots. These shots show how the stunning HSBC site compliments the surrounding buildings. Whilst Demonét and Jordan were filming, Kyle and Rachel were busy building on pre-existing relationships with the head of construction through discussing the economic, social, and cultural benefits of the project.

Heart of the City opened its doors in 2021 and raised over £10,000 for St. Luke’s Hospice, this is certainly a project that we’re very proud to have worked on.

We hope you enjoy our case-study video.

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