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Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity University

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Every year we have the pleasure of partnering up with Leeds Trinity University to offer a range of work placements at 21 Degrees Digital. We offer placements in graphic design, social media marketing, videography, and photography. The university partners with more than 3,000 employers, ensuring that each student has access to work within a wide range of industries.

Unfortunately, due to covid-19, we have been unable to collaborate with Leeds Trinity University for the past two years, but we’re eager to begin our partnership again and give undergraduate students experience in their relevant profession.

Placements are an integral part of all courses at Leeds Trinity University, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to immerse themselves within the workplace. As a result of this, graduates from Leeds Trinity University are more prepared for employability and already hold experience, something which many graduates lack.

21 Degrees Digital thrives on creativity and innovation, something we see in every student we’ve worked with over the years. Our partnership with Leeds Trinity University is something we look forward to each year as we are passionate about helping students with future employability. Our placement gives students the opportunity to liaise with B2C and B2B clients whilst understanding their various requirements. This allows students to build their confidence and experience life in the agency industry.

Each year Leeds Trinity University recognises our main criteria; understanding what connects brands to people, and more importantly, people to brands, and each year we are confronted with incredible applications chosen by the staff at Leeds Trinity University.

Studies show that 80% of young people are more attractive to employers after completing work experience or employer-lead placement, and giving young people ahead start in employability is something we feel strongly about here at 21 Degrees Digital.

Due to the success of our partnership with Leeds Trinity University, we have been able to employ previous placement students on a freelance basis for larger projects. We are looking forward to providing placements to 2022 students and introducing them to our team of young creatives.

We hope you enjoy the video of our director, Kyle, visiting Leeds Trinity University to discuss the work we do at 21 Degrees Digital.

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