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Our Favourite Marketing Efforts of 2024 so Far

Our Favourite Marketing Efforts of 2024 so Far

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2024 is well underway, and as ever, the wonderful world of marketing has already given us some excellent examples of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day tasks that come with working in the marketing industry, and easier still to remember that we have the power to do really cool stuff! So, here are a few examples from the last few months that we love.

1. It’s Not a Phase, Dad!
Up first we have British cereal company Surreal, makers of healthy, high-protein cereal, and strong advocates for wacky and out-there marketing. Look no further than the comments section of any Instagram post, with comedic responses to comments, and constant jokes that break the marketing fourth wall.
One of our favourites is the billboard commissioned promoting the product launch in Sainsbury’s. Take a minute to imagine what you would have created then check out the image below.
Our Favourite Marketing Efforts of 2024 so Far

On the of face it, the billboard is a little unengaging. It’s some text, with barely any colour, a small mention of the company, and such a tiny amount of attention drawn to the point of the billboard, and that’s exactly why we like it. It’s different, it breaks all the rules of a typical product ad but is absolutely bang on brand. It’s funny, memorable, and very tongue-in-cheek, and whether you like the concept or not, it’s going to get people talking.

2. Liquid De*th. Laughs and Can-Do Marketing
Our head of SEO is too busy to be wasting time telling me whether Google will shout at us if I write ‘de*th’ so best to play it safe.
This one’s a bit of a cheat because it’s technically not a 2024 effort, as Liquid De*th have been established since 2017. However, we think it’s worth taking a look at given the company has reached profits of $700 million, and pledges to continue its mission into 2024. 
Our Favourite Marketing Efforts of 2024 so Far

This whole brand is pretty outrageous, the name, their slogan, and just about anything they do is eye-catching and daring. They perfectly follow one of our favourite golden rules of marketing: Get noticed. Cano Water is lovely. Premium branding, slick design, and very professional. But let’s be honest, which are you more likely to remember and tell your friends about? Liquid De*th also promotes honesty and ethics within its evocative style, shouting about ending plastic use, and how they hate corporate marketing as much as you do.

A perfect example of highly powerful marketing, these guys are selling something you get for free out a tap, and by the looks of it, they’re doing a fantastic job.

3. Take AI Break
2024 is being dubbed by some as the year of AI, and there are a lot of conversations about whether this is the beginning of the end of humanity. It’s all moving very fast, and it can feel like a bit much sometimes. Apparently, Kit Kat agrees.
Their amusing new campaign centres around ‘AI made this ad so we could have a break’ How did AI perform? Let’s just say the results are less than impressive…
Our Favourite Marketing Efforts of 2024 so Far

We like this campaign due to its relevance, as AI is one of the most talked about new trends of the past few years. We also appreciate how much it will likely resonate with everyone who is a bit sick of hearing about AI and how it’s taking over the world. Poking fun at it is bang on brand for Kit Kat and of course, cleverly incorporates their take a break slogan, but with a fun twist.

In conclusion, the marketing landscape so far has been filled with creative, inventive, and eye-catching efforts, from comedic billboards to on-trend video campaigns. With two-thirds of the year still ahead, the door is open for many more ground-breaking campaigns, and we’re sure the industry will bear countless more juicy marketing fruits!

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