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2024 PPC Predictions

2024 PPC Predictions

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Increased Focus on AI

As Google announced in their search keynote this year, they are going to continue to increase focus on AI. Whilst we’ve grown familiar with Performance Max choosing our placements and AI-generated headlines being suggested, the next stage will be image editing, video creation and more.

Whilst this might seem scary, there’s a lot for agencies and in-house teams alike to get excited about. The speed we can now create iterations to test will increase, allowing us to make more decisions at scale.

AI also won’t be taking your job, but it will change it. Whilst ads may be created through AI, the platforms work by feeding in existing images and text from your site. Like any ML or AI model, the quality of the input vastly changes the quality of the output. This means that your ability to create high-quality images or engaging informative copy will impact the ability of AI to do the same, as will your ability to provide accurate tracking and reporting.

Further to this, guiding these tools through brand guidelines and macro decisions will keep many marketers in a job for years to come.

Growth for Performance Max

It’s hard to see a world now where Google doesn’t push everyone to Performance Max campaigns. Google has been removing more placements outside of Pmax, such as Smart Shopping, reducing some advertiser’s options for driving results.

Not only this, but Performance Max also feels like an easy option for many first-time advertisers. There’s no need for in-depth keyword research, adding negatives or even creating tailored copy, the machine will do it for you.

As more advertisers choose Performance Max, the machine learning will get better, and the reported results will improve even more. More seasoned marketers will continue to pine for greater control and transparency, but ultimately if the platform drives sales, they may reluctantly stay with the tool.

Search Will Stick Around

Despite the increased focus on Performance Max and AI, Google were keen to push that the best combo from their ads currently comes from running Performance Max alongside Google Search. This gives you the best balance between AI learning and specificity provided by Google Search Ads.

Brands Amplify Focus on Strategic Marketing

Over recent years brands have started to take brand marketing more seriously. During the gold rush of precision-targeted performance marketing, companies hopped on the bandwagon of cost-effective, sales-centric marketing strategies.

Unfortunately for many, this has come at a cost.

Neglecting their brand has had negative long-term effects and caused sales to slow. As Field Binet highlights in “The Long and the Short of It”, whilst performance marketing can drive short-term results, it will never drive sales in the long term.

2024 PPC Predictions

Brands like ASOS and AirBnB have begun to see this and have turned their focus to brand marketing and away from “quick hit” conversion focused ads. This will continue into 2024.

Growth of Bing

With Chat GPT seemingly winning the battle of the large AI tools (for now), Microsoft’s addition of it to its Bing search engine could be a masterstroke.

If Chat GPT continues to be the go-to AI tool, we may see an increased number of searchers heading over to the Microsoft Platform for increased usability. On top of that, with most challenger search engines such as Ecosia, Brave etc. utilising Bing, there may be even more scope to drive leads and clicks from the Microsoft Ads platform.

If this continues, it may be worthwhile giving their ads more focus in 2024. Whilst they won’t overtake Google, adding Bing to your channels may give your campaigns a boost over those of your competitors.

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