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3 Advanced Tools to Help Improve Your Paid Advertising & PPC

3 Advanced Tools to Help Improve Your Paid Advertising & PPC

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So you’ve obviously read our blog on which beginner tools can help you improve your PPC campaigns (if not, you can find it here ), but at 21 Degrees, we like to take it up a notch further. Here are three advanced PPC tools that can help you do just that. Don’t forget, if at any point these advanced tools sound like a complete pain in the rear end, we have a team of experts who know exactly how to leverage them to get results. Just something to bear in mind…

3 Advanced Tools to Help Improve Your Paid Advertising & PPC

Fibre broadband is amazing these days; however, offline will always be quicker. Enter Google Ads Editor.

This is a free app that can be downloaded on Windows and Mac and allows you to perform basically any function related to your Google Ads account. Create an ad, duplicate a campaign, review performance metrics, and much, much more.

Because the editor runs offline (you download and upload changes in bulk), it is blazing fast, and because you view the tree structure of campaigns all at once, you can see everything in a much clearer view than in the browser.

As a bonus, it has a ‘find and replace’ function. We find this so useful for multi-site clients, duplicating a campaign but changing the ad copy so the location is different. Game changing

Why you should use it:

– Blazing fast due to running offline
– Allows views of multiple accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and ads at the same time
– Simple functions like copy and paste become much easier
– Functions such as find and replace speed up workflow

2. Customer Relationship Management Tool (e.g., Hubspot)

A customer relationship management tool (CRM) is a tool or piece of software that is built to keep track of customer activity and interactions with the business. This type of tool is crucial to a successful sales process and ensures a smooth journey for the customer, but it also provides massive benefits to paid advertising efforts.

Tracking return on investment is vitally important with any campaign you’re spending money on. If your conversion tracking is set up properly, this can easily be fed into your CRM, allowing you to easily see how well your paid leads are converting into sales. From here, you can accurately see exactly what your money is generating for you, make changes, and optimise your campaigns based on this.

3 Advanced Tools to Help Improve Your Paid Advertising & PPC

In addition, you can upload this conversion data back into a platform like Google, which assists its machine learning in looking for users who are likely to become leads, then sales.

Why should you use it:

– Improve sales process for customers
– Keep track of interactions and activitiy
– Assign value to your paid campaigns
– Feed data back into ads platforms

3. CRO Analysis Tool (e.g., Hotjar, Microsoft Clarity)

3 Advanced Tools to Help Improve Your Paid Advertising & PPC

Conversions from your ads are arguably the most important thing; a good measure of this is conversion rate. Therefore, it is imperative that your websites are Conversion Rate Optimsed or CRO for short.

Common sense goes a long way in optimising for conversion rate; some deeper learning can also help, but then what? How do you go further? With a CRO analysis tool, of course.

A program like Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity is installed into a website’s code and subsequently monitors and tracks users interactions with the site. This results in heatmaps and recordings of customer site visits, which give massive insight into how they are interacting with your website.

Are people clicking on your contact button? Are they scrolling down to your impressive hero video? Getting answers to these questions with a CRO tool and using the answers to inform changes to your site will undeniably improve conversion rate across paid and organic channels, improving return on investment.

Why you should use it

– Gain insight into how people are using your site
– Use features to inform changes
– Improve conversion rate on your site, boosting ROI

Delving into the next layer of optimising your PPC campaigns and workflow can be tricky, but these tools allow for better accuracy of conversions, a more optimised sales process, and speeding up workflow dramatically. Combining these will inevitably result in a huge boost in your return on investment!

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