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A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads

A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads

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Almost four billion. That’s the number of active users across Meta’s family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and more). If you’re not using Meta ads to promote your business, you are missing out, BIG TIME.

We’ve put together a guide of how best to utilise the platform to maximise your return on ad spend.

A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads


1. VISUAL. A key benefit of Meta ads over a platform like Google Search is the use of engaging, eye-catching visuals (whether images or video), that allow you to sell brands and products in different ways.
2. WIDE AUDIENCE. Whilst a huge advantage of Google Ads is that you can serve your ads to people actively engaging with a product or service, Meta allows you to attract people who haven’t considered your brand, product or service before.
3. BUILD AWARENESS. Combining the above is a great way to build awareness.
4. CPM PRICING. A key benefit of Meta is that you are charged per 1000 impressions. So, if you can make engaging content, you can get more clicks for less money.
5. TARGETING OPTIONS. Meta has unique targeting options based on interest that Google Search doesn’t (YouTube does have these). There is also the option to target people who engaged but didn’t click on an advert e.g. video views, profile interactions as well as website engagement


All of the pros above come with cons too. Whilst the audience on Meta is wider, they are less targeted. Whilst we can be more visual, this may attract people who aren’t necessarily interested in our product or service and are more taken with our video or image.
Likewise, it can be great that we’re charged on a CPM basis, but if our engagement is low, the cost per click could be a lot more than Google, for a worse quality click.
The targeting options on Meta let us target not only people looking to make a purchase, but the whole “marketing funnel”. 

There are a lot of different funnel models, but essentially the core concept is as people become aware of your business, they move through the stages before taking our final desired action.
Meta’s targeting options mean we can target every single stage of the funnel and tailor content to each stage.
A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads

Top of the Funnel


Content at the top of the funnel is designed to get awareness/interest for your product or brand. The theory goes that your targeting here should be a “sophisticated mass market” (Byron Sharp).  This means the widest possible audience that could buy your product. 

For example, if you sell women’s clothes in the UK, you’d target all women in the UK. This combines with Meta’s current best practive advice on audience targeting too!

On Meta, these ads should be short, engaging, & highlight you brand or product. 
Good examples of Top of the Funnel content on Meta would be from brands like Surreal and Gymshark below:
A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads
An advert from gymshark showing a man deadlifting

The Surreal advert does a great job of using bold colours to grab your attention. The quick strapline and picture of the bowl let you know quickly what they sell too! 

The Gymshark example is more subtle, but the logo in the background, along with the image & the caption “lifting essentials” let you know that this is a brand for people who like going to the gym and, in this case, powerlift.

The top is the easiest part of the funnel to neglect, as it doesn’t always have a tangible return. You may only be able to measure things like impressions or video views. However, without awareness you can’t be aware of a company to buy from and you can’t build trust.
Imagine this in terms of an apple tree. Conversion focused campaigns pick the apples (sales) from the tree, and brand awareness campaigns water the tree. If you don’t keep watering the tree, the apples will stop growing.

Top of Funnel Campaign Options:

  • Reach (number of people seen)
  • Brand Awareness (brand uplift)
  • Video Views (number of video views)

Top of Funnel Content Tips:

  • Quick movement
  • Bold images or colours
  • Engaging
  • Highlight the brand

Top of Funnel Audience Targeting:

  • Location
  • Wide Demographic
  • Wide Lookalike Audience
Quick tip: Avoid app placements. In our experience, these provide lots of low-value views & impressions whilst people wait on a loading scheme of their game app.

Middle of The Funnel

At this stage of the journey, people have heard about you and know what you do, but they might not have considered buying from you yet. 

The job of ads here is to inform and engage them, persuading them of the benefits of our product or service.

We want to get people excited and interested. In this content, we want to show/talk about the advantages of the product. What makes it unique? Why should people spend their money with you?

Ideally, these people should already be aware of you brand, however, if you have a smaller budget, you may find that there aren’t enough people here for you to target effectively. In this case, you can select an “interest” audience, where the user is interested in you niche or sector.

Good Examples of Middle of the Funnel Content:

A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads
A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads

In the above examples, both adverts are informing you with the benefits of their product. They’re trying to persuade you why you should buy from them by including key nutrional information. These adverts also use colour and contrast to help gain your attention, with the Huel advert also using someone’s hand making the product feel more tangible.

Another aspect we love about the Huel advert, is how they use the logo from the product, rather than disrupting the image with a superimposed logo. This feels more natural and is a great way help grow affinity with your brand.

Middle of Funnel Campaign Options:

  • Link Clicks
  • Landing Page Views
  • Profile Visits
  • Video Views
  • Post Engagement
  • Messages

Middle of Funnel Content Tips:

  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Persuasive

Middle of Funnel Audience Targeting: 

  • Narrower interest
  • Retargeting previous engagers/video viewers or web visitors

Bottom of The Funnel

Here, you want to convert interest into action. Whether people who have been researching for a while, or just heard about you, this content is designed to get them to buy or enquire.
Persuading people to buy can come from anywhere, but good ways of pushing for the conversion could be:
• Introducing reviews, testimonials & trust signals like accreditations.
• Highlight offers like next day delivery or current discounts
• Build urgency through messages like “limited stock available”, “limited availability” etc.
A good example of bottom of the funnel content is this Meta advert from Apple:
A 2024 Guide To Meta Ads

This example puts the product front and center and includes an offer “Get 6 months of Apple Music free”. The also include the “Buy” button to encourage you to take direct action once clicking through the ad.

Bottom of Funnel Campaign Options:

  • Purchases
  • Purchase Value
  • On-site leads
  • On Meta lead forms

Bottom of Funnel Content Tips:

  • Persuasive & to the point
  • Utilise shopping feeds/carousels and product images
  • Include a call to action
  • Include price, payment terms

Bottom of Funnel Audience Targeting:

  • Engaged with brand before
  • Added to cart, previous purchasers
  • High intent interest


1. Include a variety of content. People engaged in a variety of ways and with different content at different times. The best campaigns should include combinations of:
a. Video. Vertical & Square
b. Image. Vertical & Square
c. Carousels.
2. Target the Full Funnel. Budget-dependent, you should always have an element introducing the brand and should always have retargeting.
3. A/B test. 
4. Test different ideas. Rather than using the same idea with a slightly different colour or different call to action test very different ideas alongside each other.;
5. Trust Meta…kind of. Meta has Campaign Budget Optimisation, Advantage + placements where Meta will place the ads in the best placement or assign budget to the best-performing ad sets, creatives and placements.
In our expert opinion, these are some fantastic tips and tricks that can get you on your way to being fully fledged Meta Ads wizards!
And as always, if this sounds like a lot, there’s a Leeds based PPC agency that can do it all for you…

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