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Is your phone listening or are you just predictable AF?

Is your phone listening or are you just predictable AF?

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How PPC marketing deciphers your customers’ online patterns 

Have you ever scrolled through your phone and found the perfect advert for something you’ve been thinking about buying and it follows you from site to site? Sometimes, it can feel like someone’s not only been listening to your conversations but has taken up residency in your mind. Luckily for you though, you’ve probably not got an FBI agent assigned to your handheld device – but you probably are predictable AF. 

It’s no surprise to discover that since entering the digital era, every click and scroll leaves a trail behind. Every like, purchase and view can build an online profile of our personality, motivations and even environment to anyone who cares to look hard enough. It’s also no surprise that the best businesses are tapping into the power of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing to decode the goldmine of online user behaviour. Could it be that our phones aren’t eavesdropping, but rather understanding the cyclical and predictable nature of our online habits?  

Here are six ways PPC marketing helps businesses successfully predict the online behaviour of their users and how it can help your business stand out from the digital chatter. 

1. Riding the Wave of Seasonality 

Life has its rhythms, and so does online behaviour. Having a PPC team to predict and plan for those changes allows you to leverage the ebb and flow of the seasons, holidays, and trends that will affect your target audience. Often you can expect an uptake in searches for beach holidays and outdoor gear during the summer months and the hunt for gifts and Christmas deals to dominate over the festive season.

Having a dedicated team to forecast these seasonal waves allows your business to strategically position itself to meet users’ needs ahead of time. It’s the smart way to ensure your products and services are at the forefront of search results when demand is at its peak. 

2. Adapting to the Weekly Pulse 

As the year unfolds with its own rhythm, so does the week. Monday blues, midweek motivation, and TGIF are all phrases that can dictate the mood of the average person’s week. A strong PPC marketer knows that these patterns can influence search results and will adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. You might find that a Leeds city centre coffee shop might intensify their ad presence on Mondays, to entice the many commuters who pass through, with discounts to kickstart their week.

Similarly, as the weekend approaches, Leeds Boar Lane restaurant advertisers might shift their marketing focus to 2-4-1 promotions and happy hour offers to align with users’ changing priorities over the week. Not only knowing how but when to speak to your customer is the golden nugget that can set you apart from the market. 

3. Capitalising on Search Intent 

How often do you ask Google a question? It’s estimated that 8.5 billion questions are asked to Google every day, which is 99,000 per second! People turn to search engines for a myriad of reasons, big and small, but PPC marketing excels at deciphering the intent. Your ideal PPC marketer should be able to craft targeted ads that align with your users’ specific search queries – if you can predict users’ needs, you can provide a bespoke solution.

If someone is searching for “West Yorkshire dentists nearby,” a savvy PPC campaign can ensure an ad for a dental practice in Leeds appears, anticipating the user’s interest and guiding them towards potential custom. 

4. Harnessing the Power of Remarketing 

Now, let’s talk about the ads that follow you around the internet after visiting a website…you know the ones. That’s the magic of remarketing, a key element of PPC strategy and often the reason why you can’t get that new jumper you’re undecided on, out of your head. By tracking users’ interactions with your website, you can direct personalised ads in their direction, gently nudging them back towards a purchase or conversion. It’s not about eavesdropping; it’s about strategically re-engaging potential customers who have interacted with your brand before. 

5. Analysing Data Patterns, not Conversations 

PPC marketing relies on smart data analysis and with the implementation of marketing tools such as Meta Ads, Google Search Ads & CRM (customer relationship management) tools like HubSpot, it’s never been easier to talk directly to who you want. When businesses utilise these analysis tools, they identify the things that make the target audience tick. By understanding these data-driven insights, your marketers can craft specific, timely campaigns that resonate again and again. 

6. Predicting Your Next Move 

So, we’ve established that tracking online behaviour helps you market to your existing preferences, but what about predicting the future? Platforms like Facebook and Instagram use your online behaviour to understand your interests as you engage with content and ads, as well as deciding what people ‘like’ you also have an interest in. Using a feature called ‘look-alike audiences’, they can leverage similarities with individuals who share comparable interests and use this to determine the types of things you see.

In essence, customer online interactions serve as a virtual breadcrumb trail that businesses like yours can follow to curate content and ads tailored precisely to customer tastes and a higher likelihood of responding positively to your offerings. 

PPC marketing can be the wizard behind the curtain, unravelling the predictable and cyclical nature of customer online behaviours. There is untapped potential for businesses who can decode the digital footprints left behind by their ideal customers and put them face-to-face with what they need, when they need it.

If your business is ready to embrace the strategic power of PPC, 21 Degrees Digital can help you stay one step ahead. We are a Leeds-based digital marketing agency, focused on helping businesses leverage their brand to provide value-driven results and we’re just one click away.  

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