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Our PPC Predictions for 2023

Our PPC Predictions for 2023

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Our Predictions for PPC in 2023

Our PPC Account Manager, James Bancroft has pulled together his predictions for the world of PPC in the year 2023. 


As advertising platforms look for the next edge, we’ve seen a huge push, particularly from Google into automation. Google’s belief that Performance Max campaigns are the future, has only been emphasised across 2022 and we expect to see more of the same in 2023.

The challenge Google faces is getting users to trust them. Whilst Performance Max is great for those new to marketing, those of us a bit longer in the tooth have learnt over the years that it’s not always best to hand over ultimate control to Google. Will the results get better? And will the number of optimisations options increase? We don’t know, but automation and Performance Max are here to stay in 2023.


Our PPC Predictions for 2023

Whilst Meta still controls the majority of the social media market through Facebook and Instagram, nobody can ignore TikTok and its rapid growth rate. Whilst Instagram struggles to make changes to keep attention within its app, TikTok continues to become a key part of the cultural conversation. As a lot of marketers continue to be frustrated with Meta, it’s natural that focus will switch to TikTok. In 2023, it will be interesting to see if more brands take the plunge and test out what TikTok can offer as a paid platform.

New Options from Big Tech

Netflix took the controversial choice to add adverts to its platform for lower tier subscriptions this year. Whilst this was met with outcry from many, could it represent an opportunity? With the cost of living crisis causing many to look for cheaper options, could we see people switch to the “Basic with Ads” package from Netflix. If so, it might be worth seeing what Netflix can offer as a marketing platform.


Likewise, it’s been rumoured that Apple is looking to bring out a PPC offering across their network. With nearly 50% of the UK smartphone market, anything that Apple can bring to the world of PPC will certainly command everyone’s attention.


With Meta still struggling to adapt to a post iOS 14.5 world, attribution remains a key concern for advertisers. Conversions API has been offered as a solution, but many advertisers have either struggled to implement it or have had to incur a further cost using the Conversions API gateway. If a company can truly solve server side reporting, whilst maintaining customer privacy, it could really change the game.

Our PPC Predictions for 2023


Enough web pixels have already been filled about Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter without us adding too much to the conversation. However, it is something worth keeping an eye on for marketers everywhere. Whilst huge employee cuts have made a lot of the headlines, the company still needs to grow revenue to move into profit. Could an improved ads offering be the answer? Perhaps, but before that the platform will need to keep hold of its users for it to provide any new value as a PPC platform.

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