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Understanding how we create a digital strategy for our clients

Understanding how we create a digital strategy for our clients

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The purpose of creating a great digital strategy is simple – to improve business performance. This can be in many forms such as increased brand awareness or attracting more leads to your business, in the most cost-effective way.

You can spend lots of money on other forms of advertising, like The Local Directory leaflets & roadside banners and you may think this works well for your company. However, it is hard to quantify the impact of these activities which is where digital marketing comes into its own.

Digital marketing is data driven, and this means that tracked data allows you to form a picture of the clients that are already interacting with your business. You can see data such as the demographics, location, and even what device they use. With this data you can market more efficiently and therefore cost effectively to the customers that you know that are interested in your products/services. All incoming leads are tracked via tracking software that allows the business to see exactly what has been spent and what is coming back from this spend, therefore providing a reliable ROI (Return On Investment) figure.

Here at 21 Degrees Digital, we offer a free digital health check of your business that will give you a clear, transparent view of your current digital presence and how you look as compared to your competitors. With our experience and extensive knowledge in a lot of aspects of digital marketing, we can then formulate the most cost-effective solution that will drive your current marketing goals.

Some agencies only work with companies in a specific industry, however a fundamental issue with this is that you could be competing against your own clients. Here at 21 Degrees Digital, we like to work with companies of all industries and sizes; you can be rest assured that we would never take on a new client that would be in direct competition with our services given to our current clients.

Understanding how we create a digital strategy for our clients
Understanding how we create a digital strategy for our clients

Not all forms of digital marketing might be right for your business. One example is that you may have a business that relies on low cost but high volume and a high cost per click vs price per item/service sold just does not make PPC feasible. Similarly, if your site is not optimised for user experience and explains your business well, then the conversion rate will be poor even if you attracted lots of PPC leads to your website. We would suggest a tailored landing page or new website at this stage. The more obvious hurdle could simply be your budget that may only allow certain forms of digital marketing. We can utilise strategies that allow you to get your returns on investments quickly therefore the money made from this can be re-invested, allowing more budget to be put into other forms of digital marketing.

Whether your business is ready and viable for PPC or not, we can help you. Whether your website is up to scratch as compared to your competitors, we will tell you. Whether a social or video campaign would have a significant impact, we will let you know.

Get in touch today and find out how 21 Degrees Digital can help you grow your business at the right pace with the correct digital strategy.

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