Our Story

Our Story

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Our Story

Our Mission Statement is…

“Providing transparent creative and digital solutions”.

But what does this mean?

Data Driven Strategy X Engaging Content = Results!

We were founded on both content and data. We successfully combine these two disciplines to guide and inform our strategies which enables us to deliver the best campaigns possible for our clients.

21 Degrees USP

Our USP lies within our drive toward inclusivity and diversity which you will find in every corner, of 21 Degrees Digital.

Your audience is diverse, so isn’t it about time that the marketing agency you partner with is capable of thinking in the same diverse way your audience do?

Wouldn’t it be great if the agency you used were not just good story tellers, but also incredible at delivering those stories to the right people?

Our team, processes, work and environment are all carefully structured around our desire to be inclusive and diverse. To be inclusive and diverse is to be understanding. Having a willingness to learn and think differently allows us to be bold and stand up for our beliefs, support each other and look at the world differently.

It is through this belief that we are best able to support our team, our clients and everyone in the 21 Degrees Digital family.

Our Story



21 Degrees existed in its own right before 2022 but it was a very different company.

Founded by Kyle Findley and Zac Evans in 2018 as a creative marketing agency. Zac and Kyle were from an events and promotion background, jumping on the emerging social media technology during there university days, they realised the power of video and social to make huge impacts on sales.

Zac can be heard regularly boasting that “essentially, we made stories look interesting.” They did this incredibly well through Videography, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing.

They built a cool and trendy agency that thrived off of creative vision and can definitely be defined as chic.

Our Story
Our Story



Ground Up Digital was founded by Rory Mason in 2019 as a social enterprise digital marketing agency. Rory’s idea, was to hire people who struggle to find gainful employment through neurodiversity issues or because of disability.

This is something Rory’s really proud of, especially the number of people the company has helped give a leg up too. Rory himself can regularly be found telling anyone that will listen “I was lying in bed at 2am and the idea came to me, I jumped out of bed and started writing a business plan.”

With this level of ADHD impulsivity, its not hard to see why neurodiversity is such a passion for Rory. Ground Up Digital were very good at ensuring stories were successfully delivered to the audiences that most needed or wanted to hear it.

They did this through the delivery of services in Web development, PPC and SEO. You know the geeky stuff.



The two agencies started working together in 2019 and over the years they found they were collaborating on almost every project. This resulted in a now infamous evening in Alchemist in Leeds, where Rory, Zac and Kyle went for a dinner. Zac and Kyle ate stake, Rory had a fishfinger sandwich (due to his allergies), at some point Rory asked the question “What do you lads think about merging our businesses, it makes no sense that we’re paying for two accountants”, This led to a huge smile erupting across Zac’s face, a smile that would later appear again when Rory got the bill despite only getting a fishfinger sandwich.

Our Story



The two companies officially merged together in January 2022, the rest is history. Since the start of 2020 21 Degrees have increased our incredible team of both freelancers and in house staff, doubled our office space and won awards for our work. We could mention turnover, but its rude to brag too much.

“The years of experience we’ve had working in Ground Up and 21 Degrees before the merger were a serious learning curve, 21 Degrees as we know it today is a completely different company from the 21 Degrees of old. Over the past few years we’ve grown, despite three lockdowns, a global pandemic and a cost of living crisis, we’re incredibly proud of that. We offer the creativity and flexibility of a small agency with the tactics and skills of a massive agency, watch this space, because we’re just getting started”

Our Story

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