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Originally known as Oakwood Properties, we were contacted to help the business with their rebrand. With the aim and desire to extend their markets further afield, we were also tasked with diversifying their portfolio so they could market themselves as a more commercial property. Our team successfully worked with their marketing department to help them envision this rebrand.

Branding &


The brand identity was created with communication at the forefront, with the designs focus to carry across the message and values of the brand as clearly as possible. Modernising, whilst making sure the brand demands attention in this crowded and competative market. Each iteration of the logo and branding was able to communicate the USPs of saving time, ease of use, finding the perfect mortgage and navigating through the paperwork and red tape easily.

Putting your Property

in Prime Position

‘Putting your property in a prime position’ is at the centre of the Prime Property Group’s rebrand launch campaign. Enlisting the social media and marketing expertise of 21 Degrees Digital to create a cohesive and striking design across social media pages, brochures and billboards.

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