WHY_Experiential Marketing

Everyone’s experience is unique, and every experience has the potential to be highly impactful. What can you do as a brand to stand out from the crowd? Everyone has a story to tell – but how you tell your story can heavily influence how your customers view your brand. Experiential Marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to immerse consumers within your brand for a deeper engagement.

Personalised engagement tailored to each consumer improves the connection you have with your customers, making them more likely to return to your brand.

This can be achieved through a personalised human engagement with consumers, whether they are discovering a new product in a pop-up shop or Instagramming a city centre installation, creative thinking can change the way consumers view your brand.

It’s imperative to convince your customers why your product or service is better than what your competitors offer. Curating a story around each product – for example how they can improve your day-to-day mood by providing aid to tasks that customers might otherwise find stressful.



21 Degrees Digital work to ensure that you as a brand fully understand the story you want to tell and the angles and emotions that are essential to include within your story. Once you fully understand your story, we can get to work on how to creatively utilise this to your advantage. We invite your audience to interact with your brand through events that we organise in line with your brand – for example, for you a social networking event might work best.

Our Marketing team pitches your story and ideas to showcase how they can be presented in an engaging way for your audience. Our Video & Graphics team work alongside your brand to create engaging media to boost your message while our Web Design team create a specified events page to direct people offline, online. Get in touch with our team to discuss how your unique story can help you connect with a wider audience.


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