For most brands Google Ads are an imperative segment of their marketing mix. Google is the most popular search engine in the world today, with 85.55% of the total searches across the globe as of January 2022. Google Ads is a marketing platform built on data and one that can generate huge returns for brands approaching it in the right way.

Google Ads allows brands to focus on the type of interactions they would like with their customers, as different ad types allow brands to create content that resonates with the individual consumer. Using a mix of consumer insight, research and Google’s dynamic advertising platform, Google Ads can meet almost every advertising need, including generating more calls, traffic, and even footfall to a local shop.

From simple search campaigns to generate leads to huge display and YouTube video campaigns to increase brand awareness, if you’re not using Google Ads as part of your business, you’re almost certainly missing a crucial aspect of your marketing.



21 Degrees mixes its years of experience with world leading technology to create strong returns on investment and ensure that Google Ads is a powerful part of your marketing mix.

Our approach to Google Ads is always led by data, with extensive use of dynamic advertising and A+B testing to ensure that the right messages resonate with your consumer.

Tracking is an incredibly important aspect of Google Ads, with a large amount of time spent ensuring that all actions taken across the site can be recorded to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and provide you with better ROI.

 We also spend a huge amount of time ensuring that the leads / sales that we will be generating for you are from the right type of customer.


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