WHY_Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing can be exactly what your brand needs to get to the next level and possibly become viral. Influencers build a loyal trusted relationship with their online audience by creating engaging online content that is targeted to their niche. They give added exposure to products and brands that they recommend through their own love for the brand as well as paid brand advertisement deals.

Influencers hold a lot of weight in the modern online world, with many social media users reported to have discovered brands through the influencers that they follow. Online audiences are more likely to look into a brand that an influencer they have already established a trusted relationship with has recommended.

Collaborating with influencers can introduce your brand to an entirely new audience, opening a range of possibilities to establish new connections and expanding your audience by utilising the influencers existing following. Working with influencers can also help fill any worrying gaps in your current demographic as well as make your brand more appealing to the right demographic.



We work closely with influencers to curate a selection of influencers that are right for your brand and brand image. 21 Degrees Digital is with you every step of the way to match you with the right influencer as well as agreeing on the collaboration that best suits both of your needs. We manage the whole process from negotiating fees and terms of the contract to arranging any meetings between you and the influencer.

Choosing the right influencer to help market your brand is essential as working with influencers requires a significant amount of trust for them to take control of content about your brand. With 21 Degrees Digital, you can put your mind at ease and put your trust in us to ensure that the content produced alongside the influencer matches your vision.

Our Video & Graphics departments will work closely with you and the selected influencer to film, edit and design shareable social content for your platforms, using PPC to maximise the organic reach of the produced content. Get in touch with our team today to discover how influencer marketing can help your brand to thrive.


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