SEO is the process of answering questions for a search engine’s (e.g. Google) customers. By creating an informative, technically sound, engaging website that provides useful information for its customers a search engine will provide you with a premium listing, resulting in free traffic from interested potential customers.

The return on investment from SEO is easy to imagine, as unlike PPC once you are ranking in first position for a keyword, which is regularly searched by customers in the UK, you will get a stream of free traffic to your website, rather than paying per click with Google Ads.

The most important aspect of SEO is it allows businesses to make decisions from data, by analysing the positions of your current site we can use the data to make decisions about how best to improve your site traffic and conversion rates.



21 Degrees takes a multi layered approach to SEO. Firstly, utilizing tactics in technical SEO, to ensure your site is up to the technically proficient standards that Google requires of top websites. We create content on your site that is informative, engaging and easy to navigate to ensure that the experience provided by your site is better than your competitors. Finally, we provide off page services, helping generate buzz and excitement around your content to ensure the page has enough authority to compete for more competitive and valuable keywords.

21 Degrees is a full service digital marketing agency, meaning that our SEO department can call upon expertise in web design, PPC, videography, organic social and graphic design to improve the experience of your website and help you rise through the rankings.


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