Social media’s reach is everywhere and choosing the right social platform to advertise on can be incredibly powerful in helping your brand resonate with your desired customers. If you want to reach an older and very wide international audience, Meta’s suite of apps, from Facebook to WhatsApp, can help you achieve your goal. To reach a more business focused audience, LinkedIn can be a gamechanger. While native TikTok advertising can help you reach a younger demographic, who respond incredibly well when the right content resonates.

Social advertising includes the incredible power of retargeting customers based on the actions they take with your brand. To explain, if you sell two products, trainers and work boots, we can create a trainer focused ad and show it to people who visited the trainer’s product page, while creating a separate ad for customers who visit the work boots product page. This way you’re able to make the marketing you do laser focused.



21 Degrees thinks carefully and creatively when assessing your brand to find the optimum platform to run your ads through. In this we assess your target audience, your brand ethics, your available data, your desired goals, available creatives and much more to find the optimum place to target your ads. Our experience, mixed with your raw data, enables us to find the perfect places to advertise, help you achieve your goals and improve your brand awareness.

21 Degrees’ proprietary advertising techniques are based around conversion funnel methodology. This is the process of using social media advertising to create multiple touch points with your brand, enabling customers to learn more about your brand, what you stand for and how you can help the customer improve their lives. This helps us find you the right customers, who become more likely to make a purchase of your product or service, the more they interact with your brand.

Tracking is also incredibly important for 21 Degrees, and a huge amount of time and effort will go into making sure that everything we do is tracked and that you’re generating a strong ROI.


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