How do you talk to your customers? How do you demonstrate the values of your brand to your stakeholders? How do you publicly praise your staff? How do you show the world who your company really is?

In the 00’s the world and how people communicate changed dramatically. The earth is now more connected than ever and how customers view brands has dramatically changed. With the advent of more choices the power has shifted and is now firmly in the hands of the consumer. These consumers research a brand and product like never before and if you’ve not got a strong and consistent communications strategy across your social channels you may be losing customers.

Social Media Management cannot always directly be attributed to a strong return on investment, but as part of your marketing mix it can add incredible value to your other marketing efforts (particularly social media advertising) ensuring that it becomes one of the best conversion rate optimisation strategies available to brands. Allowing customers to do research on your brand and discover who you are as a company can lead to customers becoming brand advocates very quickly, the flip side being that customers who struggle to find more information on your brand may very well go to your competitor instead.



Social Media Management is all about storytelling, and our organic social media department is full of experts in crafting the perfect stories and brand messages across a plethora of different mediums and social channels. If you’re looking for stunning video content on LinkedIn, or incredible visual messaging via Instagram, 21 Degrees has the solution for you.

21 Degrees Digital is a full service digital marketing agency. This means that our organic social team can call upon expertise from across our departments, from social ads, to videography, all our departments play a pivotal role in creating the best content for your brand.

Some of the most successful paid social media campaigns 21 Degrees has ever run have been because they worked hand in hand with strong organic messaging. In this regard we think of social media management as the glue that links marketing efforts together.

If you want to see how we can create stories around your brand and create a huge buzz on social media, get in touch today.


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