Are you looking for a paid media agency that puts money in your pocket? Do you want to work with an award-winning agency that values openness and transparency? 

Then our expert paid team at 21 Degrees Digital can help. We’re a dynamic, full-service marketing agency, focused on providing industry-leading ROI without the marketing BS. Our diverse team combine creative zest with tried-and-true strategies to create paid media campaigns that soar. 

So, whether you’re looking for targeted Google Search Ads, engaging Meta campaigns or eye-catching out of home, we can help. 

Paid Media
Paid Media
Paid Media
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Paid Media

Why choose us?

It’s easy to write here that we’ve won multiple national awards, are a Google Partner or talk about the tens of thousands we spend every month, but let’s face it, every paid media agency can talk about that.  

What makes us different as an agency, is that we pride ourselves on 2 key qualities, transparency and diversity.  

Transparency means being open, honest and upfront about your paid campaigns. We don’t hide behind buzzwords, marketing jargon and vanity metrics. We’re keen to talk about what matters to you & your business and open our accounts to you, so you can see what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.  

Diversity is the other key part of our business. Diversity to us, means to look at things differently, and we’re exceptionally proud to champion diversity and neuro-diversity in our team. Not only do we passionately believe that this is the right thing to do, but this also give us a different perspective on your paid campaigns that you won’t find anywhere else. We use this thinking to find creative solutions, build engaging ads and give you a leg up on the competition. 

Paid Media

Paid Media Services

If you can pay for it, we can create amazing advertising for it.  Below covers our favourite platforms for creating value for businesses. 

Paid Search

Google, Bing, Amazon, if you can use it to search the web, we can create ads that make you money. Our team work to create engaging creatives with logical structures and forensic keyword research to generate leads and sales for you.

We have an outstanding track record providing value across search and have developed in-house reports, scripts and systems to ensure that your campaign will be no different. 

Shopping Ads

The key to driving eCommerce revenue, shopping ads provide key prominent product placements across the internet. They are the must-have paid media platform for growing product sales online. 

Over the last 10 years, our team have spent over a million pounds on Amazon, Google Shopping and now Performance Max and they know every trick in the book. We’ve provided value at both ends of the business spectrum, taking ambitious companies from £1000 ad spend to £10,000 or growing 7-figure ecommerce brands to 8-figure brands.  

Our team are up to the minute with the latest channels like Performance Max, developing unique scripts able to dive through the information that Google hides behind the scenes and use it to beat the competition. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media is always changing, but its ability to generate sales has always been impossible to ignore. As a paid media channel, you can show your business to people who aren’t even looking for you.  

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & LinkedIn are where more than 56 million people in the UK spend nearly 2 hours a day. Whatever demographic you’re looking to hit, they’re on social right now, scrolling, liking and buying. 

Combining this ability to reach people with engaging creatives is a recipe to grow your brand and sales, making social a key part of all good paid media strategies. 

Digital Display

Utilise strategic online placements to get your business in front of your ideal customers. Using Google’s vast network of ad sense advertisers, we can put your business on the sites and platforms that your customers are using day in and day out.

Digital display is a must-have for any serious paid media campaign for its ability to remarket to past customers alone. When combined with programmatic tools, we can find high-value placements for less, and grow demand for your business. 

Online Video & YouTube

It’s been definitively proven. YouTube is THE single most effective online platform for building brand. Its ability to create long-term brand growth far exceeds anything else online. Whilst traditional brand channels like TV can cost tens of thousands, you build brand on YouTube for just a few hundred.

Our sister company, 21 Degrees Productions, creates jaw-dropping content that allows us to drive results for your paid media campaign. 

Meet the Paid Team

headshot of managing director Rory Mason

Rory Mason


Rory is our most experienced digital marketer, drawing from huge experience with some of Leeds’s biggest agencies and the likes of Superdry, Sony Mobile & Jet2Holidays.

With a brilliant understanding of the bigger picture and truly creative ideas, Rory is always around to provide fresh ideas and stellar strategies for your campaign

headshot of James Bancroft head of paid and PPC

James Bancroft

head of paid

James is our Head of Paid. He has more than 8 years of experience getting people to click on ads across Google, Amazon & Meta. Overall he’s managed millions of pounds in Ad Spend for both small companies and large multinationals like the Tetrosyl Group. 

His understanding of client needs and business relevance to paid strategy is phenomenal.

headshot of Dec Van Riel PPC account manager

Dec Van Riel


Our dedicated PPC account executive, Dec joined 21 Degrees as an apprentice and has worked his way to being a fully-fledged PPC professional. Utilising his passion for music, Dec is the confident frontman for a band, spending his weeks smashing your campaigns and weekends smashing guitars.

He’s adept at using his creativity to build engaging content for your campaigns as well as using his expert insight to guide strategy and decisions. You’re in safe hands

headshot of Colette George a PPC account manager

Colette George

Junior ppc executive

Colette is our newest recruit to the PPC team and has already been able to make a huge impact on our client’s accounts.

Her fresh ideas and experience running her own business are invaluable resources for developing fresh ideas and driving the results that really matter.

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