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Based in the heart of Leeds, 21 Degrees Digital isn’t just another PPC agency. We’re here to supercharge local businesses. Our main goal? Crafting PPC campaigns that go beyond the usual, giving real results you can measure.

Clicks are great, but we’re all about making PPC strategies that really boost Leeds businesses, and earn solid returns that make a difference. 


Why PPC in Leeds

In Leeds’ fast-paced market, PPC isn’t just marketing—it’s your ticket to success. It’s like having a dedicated sales team that’s always on, working 24/7 to bring you leads and boost sales.

Whether we’re using Google Search Ads to hook the active Leeds crowd or tuning up Meta Ads to tap into local businesses. Our PPC strategies are fine-tuned to match Leeds’ unique market vibe.


The Keys to Success in Leeds

No matter the industry or size of your business, our PPC expertise digs up unique marketing insights and custom results tailored just for Leeds. We get the vibe here and know how to navigate the market maze to help your business thrive. 

  • Data-driven tactics targeting what Leeds customers are searching for 
  • Solid tracking tools showing exactly how things roll in Leeds’ market 
  • Ads that speak the language of Leeds customers, connecting with their tastes and behaviours 

With these foundations in place, we can test, learn, and optimise your PPC campaigns, forever.  

We’re also big believers in transparency. We provide you with a monthly report covering your account, what we’ve done and the true ROI. All of our changes are run past you first to ensure that you’re involved in every step of what we do. We have a monthly meeting to go through everything in your accounts and what’s happening in your wider business.  

On top of this, we’re also available to discuss your account at any time. We ensure that every email is responded to within 24 hours (usually 2 hours) and our PPC team is available on the phone during the day if you need anything urgent. This ensures that we never rest on our laurels and are always pushing forward to make sure you stay on top. 

Platforms we love

Google Search Ads

Google Shopping Ads are a game-changer for Leeds online shops. They display your products right on Google, giving Leeds shoppers an easy shopping trip. We pick the best products and aim them at Leeds folks, getting your Leeds-based business seen more and turning looks into sales. 

Social Ads

Meta Ads, once known as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more, are gold for Leeds businesses. Nearly everyone in Leeds is on these platforms, and using tailored Meta Ads for Leeds helps us create stories and visuals that hit home. They’re ace for businesses to connect, engage, and turn Leeds stories into Leeds sales.  rk or just down the street.

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are your go-to if you want to reach Leeds locals spot-on. With the Google Guarantee backing them up, these ads boost your visibility in Leeds, linking you straight to locals in need of services. They really hit home with Leeds residents, sparking quick interest and turning it into action. 

Performance Max

Performance Max from Google is like a powerhouse for Leeds businesses. It taps into AI and tons of data to supercharge results. By spreading budgets across Google’s platforms, it gets Leeds businesses seen by the right eyes. Our knack for making Performance Max work wonders for Leeds means unbeatable outcomes and a stronger local brand presence. 


Connect with millions of UK professionals on the world’s largest professional network. If you sell products or services straight to other businesses, LinkedIn ads are the best way to find your ideal buyers. 

With the most accurate targeting available for job roles, company size, industry and more, LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for B2B lead generation. 

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads are a game-changer for Leeds online shops. They display your products right on Google, giving Leeds shoppers an easy shopping trip. We pick the best products and aim them at Leeds folks, getting your Leeds-based business seen more and turning looks into sales. 

Why 21 Degrees

As well as being an award-winning PPC agency, we’re a Google Partner with over 15 years of combined experience in PPC, paid search & social media advertising. We’ve spent millions on ads over the years and have tried every strategy, tactic, and technique in the book. We’ve taken this expertise to develop a 66-point checklist to ensure the highest standards of campaign management and quality control for your campaigns. 

We’re more than a PPC agency, we are a full-service digital marketing agency. That means that our specialist team can lean into support from our SEO, Web, PR and Design departments to ensure we’re maximising your results. 

Meet the PPC Team


Rory Mason


Rory is our most experienced digital marketer, drawing from huge experience with some of Leeds’s biggest agencies and the likes of Superdry, Sony Mobile & Jet2Holidays.

With a brilliant understanding of the bigger picture and truly creative ideas, Rory is always around to provide fresh ideas and stellar strategies for your campaign


James Bancroft


James is our Senior PPC Specialist. He has more than 8 years of experience getting people to click on ads across Google, Amazon & Meta. Overall he has managed millions of pounds in Ad Spend for both small companies and large multinationals like the Tetrosyl Group. 

His understanding of client needs and business relevance to PPC Strategy is phenomenal.


Dec Van Riel


Our dedicated PPC account executive, Dec joined 21 Degrees as an apprentice and has worked his way to being a fully-fledged PPC professional. Utilising his passion for music, Dec is the confident frontman for a band, spending his weeks smashing your campaigns and weekends smashing guitars.

He’s adept at using his creativity to build engaging content for your campaigns as well as using his expert insight to guide strategy and decisions. You’re in safe hands


Colette George

Junior ppc executive

Colette is our newest recruit to the PPC team and has already been able to make a huge impact on our client’s accounts.

Her fresh ideas and experience running her own business are invaluable resources for developing fresh ideas and driving the results that really matter.

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