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21 Degrees Digital Agency supports businesses across the Leeds area with SEO. 

Why SEO?

To grow your business online, you need SEO. Search engines are where 68% of all online experiences start. If you’re not there when people search, your competition is. We can get your website in front of the right people at the right time.

Why Leeds-Based Businesses Need an SEO Agency

Local Market Dominance:

Leeds is a vibrant hub with a diverse business ecosystem.

An SEO agency versed in local nuances understands Leeds' marketspace in a way no other agency can. We can craft strategies tailored to the region, ensuring your business resonates with your audience

Enhanced Online Visibility

Customers turn to search engines like Google for information. This means that being visible online is crucial.

A Leeds-based SEO agency can use strategies that position your business at the forefront of search engine results pages (SERPs). This increased visibility means higher chances of being discovered by potential customers actively seeking your products or services.

Targeted Customer Reach

SEO isn't just about attracting any traffic; it's about attracting the right traffic. We're an agency that specialises in targeting potential customers within the Leeds region. By optimising for location-based keywords and local SEO tactics.

Business Growth and ROI

SEO isn't just about attracting any traffic; it's about attracting the right traffic. We're an agency that specialises in targeting potential customers within the Leeds region. By optimising for location-based keywords and local SEO tactics.

Evolving Digital Landscape

The digital landscape is continually evolving, even in places like Leeds. SEO isn't a one-time fix; it requires continuous optimisation and adaptation. We can keep you updated with the latest industry trends and algorithm updates. We work to ensure your business gets ahead and remains ahead.

Partnership and Statergy

We're a dedicated SEO agency in Leeds that works as your strategic partner. We leverage our expertise to navigate the digital landscape, drive growth, and establish a prominent online presence tailored for businesses in Leeds.

Why Businesses in Leeds Trust our SEO agency with their website.

No tricks, no gimmicks, no fad tactics. We take established best practices and mix them with our own creative flair. This equips you with a future-proof strategy that delivers tangible brand growth.

We prove this by showing extensive performance data. Data from real people’s interactions with your website. So you can see the value SEO adds to your company’s brand.

Not just Google

We know Google has the lion share of the market, but we also cover these search engines:

Tech SEO for Leeds-based businesses

A website is like a sailboat (stay with me…). The technical aspects of it are the ship’s hull. If it’s got holes or was built in a poor way, It doesn’t matter how good your sails are; you’re not getting out of the dock.

Technical SEO is a crucial factor for search engine crawling and indexing. Here’s a snap shot of what 21 Degrees Digital can do for your website’s technical SEO:

Tech SEO for Leeds-based businesses

Website Audits and Analysis

We kick off with a comprehensive website audit. This reviews every aspect of your website's SEO. Our in-depth analysis lays the foundation we need to create you a bespoke SEO plan of action.

Site Architecture and Optimisation

We understand how digital experiences should be! We optimise your website's architecture, ensuring it's user-friendly and search engine-friendly. We make your site have a better user journey and easier indexing for search engines.

Robots.txt and XML Sitemap Management:

From robots.txt to XML sitemaps. We handle these technical nuances meticulously. Our experts optimise all the tools search engine crawlers use to navigate your site effectively.

Page Speed and Performance Optimisation

Speed matters! We fine-tune website performance, optimising loading times to ensure lightning-fast experiences. From image optimisation to minimising code, We elevate your site's speed for better user engagement and search rankings.

Mobile Responsiveness and User Experience

Mobile first, SEO. We ensure your website is not just mobile-friendly but offers a great user experience across devices. A responsive site is a lead-driving site.

Fixing Technical Errors and Enhancements

Broken links, 404 errors, duplicate content—we're on a mission to eradicate them all. Our team swoops in to fix technical issues and install enhancements. We work with you to ensure your website sails smoothly.

Structured Data Implementation

Ever wondered how those rich snippets appear in search results? That's structured data at work. We implement structured data markup to provide search engines with more context about your content. This works towards enhancing visibility and user interactions with your site.

Security and HTTPS Implementation

Security is paramount! We ensure your site's security measures are up to the task. By implementing HTTPS protocols and fortifying your website against potential threats, All to enhance trustworthiness in the eyes of both users and search engines.

Our technical SEO expertise isn't just about fixing technical jargon; it's about fortifying your website's backbone to ensure it's not just search engine-friendly but user-friendly too.

On-Page SEO for Leeds-based businesses

How our agency helps businesses in Leeds show their online authority through on-page SEO

If the technical aspects of your website are like a ship’s hull (stay with me…) The content on your site, the “On Page” part of SEO, is the ship’s sails.

We have a tried-and-tested method for writing and improving on-page content for businesses across the Leeds area.


On Page SEO for Leeds-based businesses

Keyword Research and Optimisation

It all starts with the right words! We delve into intensive keyword research, uncovering the terms your audience searches for. Our experts seamlessly integrate these keywords into your content, titles, and meta descriptions. This is the first step towards enhanced visibility without compromising quality.

Content Excellence and Optimisation

Content is king and always will be. Our team refines and optimises your content. By ensuring it's not only keyword-rich but also valuable, engaging, and in sync with your audience's needs, We optimise headings, tags, and structure for better readability and search engine visibility.

User Experience (UX) Enhancement

User-centricity. After all, it's people we're selling to! We optimise your website for a stellar user experience. We know the value of easy navigation, intuitive layouts, and captivating visuals. From improving dwell time to reducing bounce rates, we craft pages that users—and search engines—interact with in meaningful ways.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

The first impression matters! We create compelling title tags and meta descriptions that not only include target keywords but also entice users to click through. It's about making your website stand out in search results.

Image and Video Optimisation

Visuals speak volumes! We optimise images and videos with relevant alt text, descriptions, and tags, making them search engine-friendly. This not only boosts accessibility but also enhances your overall page relevance.

Internal linking strategies

We're all about connection! Our internal linking strategies establish a web of connections within your site, guiding users—and search engine crawlers—through related content. It boosts page authority and keeps visitors engaged for longer.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation

We don't stop at setup! Continuous monitoring, analysis, and tweaking are where we make real gains. We keep a close eye on performance metrics, making iterative optimisations to ensure your pages remain at the forefront.

E-E-A-T Principles

Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness: E-A-T matters! If you want to stand out in Leeds Market, you need this. We ensure your content aligns with these principles, building credibility and trust within your industry niche. From keywords to content and user experience, our on-page SEO strategies elevate your website's individual pages. We work with them to make them stand out in the crowded Leeds digital space.

Off-page SEO/digital PR for Leeds Based Businesses

If tech is the hull, sails are on page, then (stay with me), off-page SEO is the wind (because sailboat, remember?) By this, I mean it’s a powerful action you can take to speed up your journey to your website’s destination of higher rankings. 

Off Page SEO for Leeds-based businesses

Link Building and Outreach

Building bridges beyond your site! We curate strategic link-building campaigns, securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites. Our outreach efforts foster collaboration. This helps us earn your website valuable endorsements. These elevate its credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Local Business Listings and Citations

Local listings are essential! We ensure your business is accurately listed across relevant local directories and citations. Consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) details establish trust and authority within your local market.

Community Engagement and Forums

Community spirit thrives! Engaging in forums, online communities, and industry-related discussions allows us to position your brand at the forefront, contributing expertise and garnering attention from relevant audiences.

Press Releases and Digital PR

Making waves in the digital space! Our digital PR strategies work at crafting compelling press releases and securing media coverage.

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