Videography has a tight grip on the digital world, and it’s only going up from here.

93% of businesses reported that their traffic significantly improved as a result of including video content on their social media accounts and their websites. Engaging video content is proven to be more popular with a variety of audiences, as it provides viewers with an immersive experience by bringing audio and visual together in one final product. Videography breathes life into your brand by appealing to the visual and listening senses of your audience.

Implementing breath-taking video content that aligns with your brand image and recurring trends allows your audience to fully immerse themselves within your brand, with just a press of a button.

The inclusion of video also allows you to broaden your audience by making your content more accessible to visual/audio driven users.  



Our videography department is full of young passionate creatives who are always looking for fresh and exciting ways to level up your brand’s content.

At 21 Degrees Digital, we work tirelessly with your brand representative on your vision as well as using our extensive knowledge and state of the art equipment to bring your vision to life.

Our videography department works and liaisons with other departments within our marketing agency to produce the best content possible for your brand.

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We produce the individual pieces, finalising the puzzle into a highly successful video. The 21 Degrees Digital team guides you from as early as the concept process to a finalised product you are excited to share with your audience. 


Our leading drone technology brings never-before-seen images right to your fingertips. Our expert team works with drone technology to bring you never-before-seen images from hard to reach, dangerous places. Your safety & your vision is our No1 priority.


By diving deeper, working closer and asking better questions, we get to the real problem to create clarity for growth. Made up of brilliantly diverse characters with a breadth of experience, we shape our service around client needs not process demands.


After these past few years, it has become more apparent of how important it is to connect with others despite the distance. Our Live Streaming services help to personally close that distance and bring people closer together, no matter where they wander.


Social Media Management is all about storytelling, and our organic social media department is full of experts in crafting the perfect stories and brand messages across a plethora of different mediums and social channels. If you’re looking for stunning video content on LinkedIn, or incredible visual messaging via Instagram, 21 Degrees has the solution for you.

21 Degrees Digital is a full service digital marketing agency. This means that our organic social team can call upon expertise from across our departments, from social ads, to videography, all our departments play a pivotal role in creating the best content for your brand.

Some of the most successful paid social media campaigns 21 Degrees has ever run have been because they worked hand in hand with strong organic messaging. In this regard we think of social media management as the glue that links marketing efforts together.

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