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Best clothing is a independent sustainable fashion brand located in Leeds City Centre, selling reworked fashion items around the globe. Although gathering a substantial following online; they were not able to generate the engagement they were achieving into conversions.

They needed more structure into their social media strategy, using a content calendar along with detailed sponsoring tools in order begin retargeted and lookalike ad campaigns to make sure the right audiences were seeing their relevant content and then taking the key action of making a purchase the through ad campaigns. Taking a lot of focus into the use of sponsored instagram story content.


& Challenges

Amazonia’s brand mark is crafted around the geometric and organic properties of the brand, encompassing all the letters to create one connected brand mark. Whilst remaining delicate and refined, in order to appeal to the London audience and the luxurious aspects of the brand.

Amazonia is a brand based on creating experiences and awareness. Giving customers something different and exciting.

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